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{Bath Bombs Gift Set- 6, Handmade Fizzies, Rich in Essential Oil and Sea Salt, Fizzy Spa to Moisturize Dry Skin, For Women, Girlfriend,Kids,Men}

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Product description-

6 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Functional and relaxing. GIFT SET OF 6 AROMATHERAPY BATH BOMBS – this set contains 6 bath bombs of 3.8 oz each. This is an amazing gift set for the holidays or when you enjoy a bath. Gender Neutral. 6 Top Essential Oils: Includes Cool mint, Rose, Ocean, Lemon, Lavender, and Grapefruit. Our bath fizzies will leave your skin moisturized. Our unique blend of Essential oils and Sea salt will ensure that you will enjoy your bath feeling relaxed and renewed. This bath bomb gift sets is on their wish list. Perfect for any special day gift, gifts for her, bath gifts, for the special one, perfect gifts for him, wife, girlfriend or women you love.

You can enjoy 6 scents when you take a bath.

You can feel a relaxation effect due to them

You can feel that you are having a spa with this product!!

You can get a relaxation effect~

Would you like to use it ??

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